1P-LSD 25 blotters

(27 customer reviews)

$ 85.00

25 x 100mcg/blotter

only for research.

Each order may only buy 1 unit.



27 reviews for 1P-LSD 25 blotters

  1. Ralph

    I don’t know how i lived my life without these before. Will be buying for a really long time.

  2. Paul

    Schneller versand in Ordnung Preis Leistungsverhältnis
    ist wie immer gut für jeden Gelegenheitsforscher Gut

  3. Leonard D. Gingras

    arrived unscathed, thanks.

  4. Jansky

    Magical, always a good choice!

  5. K. Moore

    Package was intact. I have no complaints. Will order again.

  6. Dennis Harang

    I would recommend to a friend!

  7. Joe Streno

    Pretty good price.

  8. Jeremy Wade Casper

    Package arrived on time.

  9. Julio J. Vazquez

    This is surprisingly good! I am only giving a four star, because I order it often and it is currently out-of-stock. Sure wish this drug would come down in price and become affordable.

  10. Alexander Krem

    Gives me the jolt I need and is refreshing.

  11. Jon Y.

    Ordered multiple times and never had any problems.

  12. Ronald Rosales

    Top notch

  13. James Beltz

    Come on now, we have a great night.

  14. Marco R.

    It worked, is definitely worth a try.

  15. Kathleen Simone

    Great Price, Great experience.
    The only regret is ran out of stock for over a month, anyway, its worth it.

  16. Gerry Tandberg

    It was worth a try, why always show out of stock in my area, and how to have it as a subscription? Thanks.

  17. Derek Nichols

    Great price, but took over a week to get it.

  18. Bradley Copeland

    Wonderful price, has a much better deal than at the local suppliers too. LOL.

  19. Michael P Donnelly

    Fast delivery. Will purchase again!

  20. Katie H.

    This is by far the best price I’ve found.

  21. Dennis

    A diehard fan

  22. Ronald Gross

    Great 1P with on time delivery. Thank you

  23. Jansky

    Good as ever.

  24. Kim

    I have been purchasing these for a few years and loved them with zero issues (great visual experience, great pricing, fast shipping, etc), but this batch weaker than that batch I ordered four months ago.
    I will have another trip until my cold is restored.

  25. Gary Thomas

    I use it on Saturday

  26. Rob Kyle

    For the price , not bad . has a nice trip that I love. Would buy again.

  27. Mike

    Comfortable with no bitter aftertaste, my favorite.

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