1P-LSD 200mcg/blotter

(21 customer reviews)

Original price was: $ 180.00.Current price is: $ 98.00.

10 x 200mcg/blotter

only for research.




21 reviews for 1P-LSD 200mcg/blotter

  1. Nick C.

    It came as I expected, great stuff.

  2. Kyle Johnson

    Love these 200ugs doesn’t have words.

  3. Ronald J Cox

    Order arrived on +7 afternoon, but the purity is still the best.

  4. Leonel Huit

    I think these are one of my favorite now.

  5. Paolo P


  6. Queenie Linderman

    By far my favorite flavor.
    Happy I tried them.
    Will buy more.

  7. Miroslav Volkov

    Greatest day of my life.

  8. David Sklar

    I’ve ordered it a few times! You know what it is.

  9. Walter J Gordon

    Great buy and fast shipping. Love all three chemical blotters.

  10. Delfina P. Berry

    I’m going to a dance tonight. Thanks

  11. Craig

    Low price fast delivery.

  12. J Williams

    100ug is pretty intense but not too strong on visuals unless I close my eyes. Compared to 200 it’s almost nothing.

  13. Benjamin J Sabol

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. . We can three sheets per month.

  14. sally yacovelly

    Shipping was on time and packed well for shipping

  15. Tona Napoli

    Ridiculously low price. Great value! I bought 3 of them

  16. Erich

    Extrem gute Batch. Schon oft U von hier, aber diese Batch bisher die beste. Wie immer guter Shop und super Lieferzeit!

  17. Cherie Williamson

    Taste great, very magical. Harder to find in Delaware. Glad you had them.

  18. Dee Bell

    Excellent , would purchase the 1p and lad again, would also recommend to others.

  19. Richard Fox

    Great, if you like strong! This is my second order.

  20. lavelle smith

    Better than expected given the price. I will order again and recommend it to my friends.

  21. Rafael Pimentel

    Excllent service got product right away.

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